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surf Tag

Noah Beschen: Play

Lieber Vision posts up a seriously sick edit of Noah Beschen. A 13 year old, skilled beyond his years,  what a dude

Unchartered Waters

If you didn't get to catch this movie at the Shore Shots festival just gone, i'd highly recommend picking it up. I knew a small bit about Wayne Lynch but this was a hugely engrossing portrayal of his life. The impact he has had on

The Pass

It's been a long time since i was fortunate enough to make a trip to Byron and i well remember the Pass, actually the whole coast around it is stunning

Live The Search (Pt.4)

Damn! Luke Pilbeam unleashes another savage edit this time from the heart of the Basque Country and into Spain.

A Farewell to Winter

Joe Carter edits this insane footage of arctic sea-smoke and freezing surfing in his homage to the end of winter..  

Beyond The Surface

The Homcy duo have this uplifting & inspirational trailer for their current documentary on surfing and its culture in India.