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australia Tag

The Pilsner

Lovely crisp monochrome clip from Fine Surfcraft with their custom made Pilsner model, been put through its paces at Noosa

Still Broke : Episode 1

Warwick Gow - sweet edit of the Noosa this year, love the focusing on some of the clips, and is it just me but i can imagine every Doors song would be fairly sweet to edit surf footage to?  

Unchartered Waters

If you didn't get to catch this movie at the Shore Shots festival just gone, i'd highly recommend picking it up. I knew a small bit about Wayne Lynch but this was a hugely engrossing portrayal of his life. The impact he has had on

The Pass

It's been a long time since i was fortunate enough to make a trip to Byron and i well remember the Pass, actually the whole coast around it is stunning