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All Posts

Trace – Board track and share device.

4 days left to help kickstart this pretty innovative device for Active Replay. This device aims to track all your stats, no matter what board you ride and get feedback on your session via iOS and Android devices.

Indo Dreamin’

Sweet desert point surfing & some humorous editing from James Fazio.


Cyrus Sutton is looking for freedom.

Aerial – Steamers Lane

Talented photographer Eric Cheng captures steamers lane from some epic aerial views, also check out his quadcopter site.

Holes In The Map

Travel along with Hayley Gordon and friends as they wind their way up to British Columbian waves.

Consistently Random

Californian Videographer Mike Cochran with this short but sweet clip

DSL Days

http://vimeo.com/68991711embed] Riley Blakeway, hitting the streets of New York and Sydney, showing some tight skating chops..


http://vimeo.com/71182164embed] Alex Frings catches some beautifully slick b-roll

Otter -The Film

http://vimeo.com/66725985embed] Slick new promotional film for Cornwall's Otter surfboards, from tiny dog

Nick Riley in Sumbawa

http://vimeo.com/68816004embed] ONeill rider Nick Riley getting lost in sumbawa

Wheels & Waves

http://vimeo.com/68611691embed] More bikes (not complaining) than surfing but still

Over the hill, around the corner.

http://vimeo.com/69602269embed] Local filmographer, Peter Clyne with this beautifully crafted clip of Barry Mottershead over west

Harrison & Zye

http://vimeo.com/68739541embed] Harrison Biden & Zye Norris in this lush clip from de'fer media

Excuse the Roach ‘2’

http://vimeo.com/68591714embed] Harrison Roach sliding in this part 2 from the talented lens of Andrew Gough

All Yew

http://vimeo.com/13700584embed] Tyler Warren gives us a glimpse of a day in the life of one of his own handshaped boards.

June at the 40ft

http://vimeo.com/68724871embed] A brief edit, of a morning swim at the 40 foot, testing out a GoPro Hero.The water was bloody chilly, and had tons of plankton about-making it really soupy